Thinking About Lunch? Try This Amazing Butternut Squash Soup!

Ah…I can’t say how much happiness this delicious butternut squash soup brought me today – in both its making, and EATING! Well actually, I can, and for the minimal time investment that was the veggie chopping this recipe required, it was so worth it for the abundance of creamy goodness that it yielded.

In fact, the saucepan really took the burden on this one, and while my veggies dissipated into future bowls of loveliness throughout the 20 minute simmer time, hulk mode kicked in proper as I attacked my overflowing inbox mercilessly just thinking about the amazing lunch I was gonna have! Oh yes..PLANT-POWERED baby, all the way!


…recipe shout-out here goes to The Happy Pear, whose work I’m absolutely loving at the minute. These guys are awesome if you haven’t yet checked them out – they’re super fun and their videos make you feel like you can achieve just about anything given 5 random minutes in the kitchen!

Although their recipe calls for carrot, I only had turnip to hand and it still turned out crazy good. And, in making a good last minute call to quickly spread some avocado mash on a couple of slices of whole grain toast to dip, my midday noms were just magic.

Also magic is the fact that I’m now fully stocked up with leftovers for the rest of the week. People, happy days!

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