Imperfections, Anyone? Let’s Cut Them Some Slack

I was listening to an audiobook earlier today, to which its narrator was keen to inform me that the ability to embrace the negative parts of your character was key to improving self-worth.

The idea being, of course, that once you can stand up and look them square in the face, your acceptance of such traits, and subsequent remedying of them, will ultimately help you love yourself, and hence, (happily!) grow.

Earth-shattering stuff indeed, the details of which I tried to absorb while unpacking this supposedly stunted box of veggies! An odd coincidence, with the merchandise proving in and of itself how unforgiving the world actually is when it comes to anything deemed less than perfect.

This being the case, it’s no wonder most of us are happy to keep burying those most haunting aspects of ourselves. As, to own up to flaws of any kind, especially in the positivity saturated world of social media, would be a task too daunting to even contemplate.

But, when you think about it, while you’re perpetually busy putting only your best foot forward, the rest of you is bound to get stuck behind in the mud.

SO, what to do?

Well, if this IMPERFECT PRODUCE haul is anything to go by, maybe it’s time to take a step back, and root out some of those not-so-nice attributes which tend to stranglehold our existence, in the long run, accordingly.

With the outcome not the blight we are conditioned to think it is, as the above impeccable contents, to me, demonstrate, I believe we should begin nurturing our whole warts n’ all self – knowing, comfortably, that the best version of ourselves will always be the most uncontrived one.

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