It Takes A Village…And Some Veggies!

So, after spending the weekend amongst this gloriousness, I’m fit to just head for the hills right about now and never come back – especially after a week spent once again shackled to my desk!

As you can see Mono Lake provided quite the visual feast, and with the reflection of the Sierra Nevada peaks also rippling magnificently upon its waters, the soul was well overindulged too. Clean air was consciously inhaled, and reluctantly let go of.

Did I want to spontaneously combust? Nope. But as I drew in what I believe the word “fresh” actually means, I couldn’t help but think about a time where this insane kind of beauty would itself implode.

And it was worrying, especially as that time is, as we are increasingly being told, already upon us.

Now, I’d never thought of myself as being a tree hugger. But, I love nature, I love being outside, and as I appreciate that – and don’t want that outlet to vanish anytime soon – I guess I probably am. So, maybe it’s time to own up to it then?

Or, I could keep blaming Netflix for its array of ridiculously disturbing environmental documentaries like Sustainable, Cowspiracy, and Forks Over Knives for example, that have me clinging to edge of my wicker seat – which is plastic, by the way. And while no trees were (directly) harmed in its making, this small consolation only serves to underline the bigger message of these films – that direct effort on all our parts is required now, however minute.

I think the most frightening element of each of these narratives is the sense of urgency with which action must be taken.

It’s frustrating really, and each time I sit down with a relaxing cuppa to have an even more relaxing binge-watch, the end credits always roll to a tune which seems to echo the despair of being a glutton for punishment.

It goes something like this…if I didn’t watch it in the first place, I’d have no reason to be concerned.

But then, as I’m now duly enlightened, that there’s a day just around the corner where I’ll be at a loss for some sand to bury my head in, I’ve been asking myself what can I realistically do to make a meaningful difference.

The answer – which was for the most part inspired by these movies – is my adoption of a whole-food plant-based diet. Kind to the world and his wife, I feel that being a warrior in the kitchen is definitely a sound place to start making a change.

And, if you were think of an en masse reach for the peelers, this change wouldn’t be insignificant either. Each to their own of course, but when I saw the lake’s – for now – clean casting of my own image, I definitely felt the need to remain fully committed to my own little veggie crusade!

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