Fancy Supporting The Beginning Of “The End of Meat”?

Today feels good! I just donated to an Indiegogo Campaign that’s aimed to get the movie, “The End Of Meat,” to market. Funds are needed for the post-production effort/final push it seems, and I’m all for it. As of right about now, they are steadily inching towards the €23,500 mark, out of a goal set to €40,000. Yesterday, after I came across a May 11th post on the film’s Facebook page asking for help, they were just over €21,200.

That was lunchtime. So, in LESS than 24 hours after the first check-in, it’s clear the might of social media is not to be underestimated. Another thing that shouldn’t be underestimated is the growing strength of the plant-based movement.

This fundraiser is testament to it, as the rise of veganism appears to be a precise reflection of the increasing levels of compassion felt for our non-human counterparts. It’s inspiring, and reminds me of a brilliant 2006 talk given by evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, on the shifting moral zeitgeist.

Discussing, in general terms, the historical trend that is “the steadily shifting standard of what’s morally acceptable…[that moves] in parallel, on a broad front, throughout the world,” this phenomenon indicates that advances in animal rights will, thankfully, continue to progress (YouTube).

And, as regards such positive developments in this arena, Dawkins, in this fresh UK Times article, provides more specific comfort on the matter. Sharing his belief that “the 21st century’s “speciesism” [will] one day be viewed in the same way we [now] view the 20th century’s racism,” I’m confident we’re truly, finally, headed in the right direction.

But this current momentum has to maintain a pulse, and by giving to endeavors like “The End Of Meat,” we can rest assured this effort to keep its March 2018 release date on track is something worthwhile, and actually life-changing.

We all know by now the precious impact these kinds of documentaries have had in recent years – think, for example, Forks Over Knives, Plant Pure Nation, Cowspiracy etc. They have been runaway successes on Netflix, with the education provided therein motivating millions to adopt an environmentally sound, legitimately salubrious, lifestyle.

The way I see it, it’s really a case of…the more the merrier! So, the more opportunity there is to expose more people to the resounding “evidence [concerning] meat consumption’s negative impact on the planet and on human health,” the happier, in the long run, we all will be (The End Of Meat).

Therefore, in the spirit of promoting these efforts effectively, the filmmakers have not made this campaign just about the financials. If you can’t afford to give, that’s ok, they simply ask that you consider spreading the word on your social media platform of choice.

It’s a brilliant request, through which the certain growth of community will, in turn, spark even bigger, more meaningful conversations, that will ultimately bring the end of meat nearer the horizon. It’s already within sight, now let’s ensure this ethical evolution stays right on cue!

Feature Image Credit: The End Of Meat
In-Text Image Credit: Romolo Tavani /

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  • desivegankimaya

    I love the dramatic title good work!

    • thebalancebrigade

      Cheers! Gotta drum up some attention, ya know?! 😂

      • desivegankimaya

        Perfect it’s high time 😂

        • thebalancebrigade

          Right?! 🌿🤘🌿

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