International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference 2017 – Why You Need To Be There Next Year

So, as some of you may have already seen over on my Instagram account, I spent most of last week hanging out in Anaheim at the International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference. For those of you who aren’t in the know, it’s basically a 4-day event in which the best talking heads in the plant-based world come together to discuss all things PB – food, nutrition, the overall lifestyle etc.

It’s really unmissable, and honestly, as one of the many non-physician’s in the crowd, I felt like its organizers – The Plantrician Project – really did a great job of making sure all the presentations were layman friendly.

The beauty of this being, of course, that if you’re just beginning this journey, you’ll get all the foundational info you need to set you on the right path. While those of us who are quite a bit down the road with it, you not only get this refresher, but also all the latest and greatest on the scientific end.

For me, I just LOVED this aspect of the conference, as it really keeps you in touch with your “Why?“…

…As in, “Why am I doing this again?,” “Why should I keep going?,” You know… 

Well, rest assured, any self-doubt that’s been a-knockin’ – which I find usually surfaces post a “Where do you get your protein from?” onslaught – will be well and truly put to bed after listening to some of these gems;

Just a few examples, but believe me, after a few days of an agenda chocked with similar material, any simmering of the fruit and veggie love affair will escalate to a full-on boil. Speaking of which, another great highlight was the super neat cooking demo dished up by top plant-based chef, Chad Sarno. Having given us the “Why?,” we were also given the even more vital, “How?”!

With tips on basic cooking technique, and some simple recipes rustled up on the spot – like mouthwatering creamy pasta, barbecue taco’s etc. – the tool/lunch box was pretty much stuffed for the next 12 months.

So, will I be returning next year? You bet! Being in its 5th year already, the event is only going from strength to strength. And, with many of the speakers themselves acknowledging the phenomenal audience growth in this short space of time, I’d make sure to get your ticket early – especially if you want to secure that front row seat to all the greats…T. Colin Campbell, Rich Roll, Michael Klaper, Robert Cheeke…and the list goes on…

But, what’s really fantastic is that there’s so much opportunity to meet them all in person, and chat, and just get uber-inspired by their wealth of knowledge and commitment to the WFPB approach to life.

Yet, I’d also have to similarly commend all of the amazing attendees. Consisting of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, health coaches, community leaders, the works – it was truly uplifting to be around those who are at the forefront of dietary change.

But not to leave you out in the cold, I intend to go into more detail in coming posts about the best nutritional/scientific/lifestyle related nuggets that I picked up. So stay tuned, and anything that I may miss, well…we can catch it together on the frontline next year. Roll on 2018!

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